Art For Promotional Art Art Projects Waiting to be Created and Assembled - Its Art In The Making

Art In The Making – My Projects For Fun And Profit

Can Art And Marketing Be Best Friends?
I tend to be a little on the messy side and a picture of
Pablo Picasso I recently posted on Google Plus inspired me to take this picture. I was inspired by the messy sate of Pablo Picasso’s room. It gives me inspiration that my creativity has more valued than I think.

I do believe art can be an effective form of marketing. What do you think? Is it just spiritual inspiration or is art the engine that drives promotions?

Art For Promotional Art Art Projects Waiting to be Created and Assembled - Its Art In The Making
Art For Promotional Art Art Projects Waiting to be Created and Assembled – Its Art In The Making

I am getting close to having my most recent performance art project done. That project is running into some technical difficulties. I hope to work through the design issues as soon as I have a full day off when it’s not raining.

I think I am going to need an adult walker as a performance platform. So, if anyone in the Southern California area would like to donate a walker with wheels, brakes, and a seat, please get in touch with me. It also looks like I am going to need a load bearing harness or vest as well. After experimenting with a backpack I think I will use a traditional Japanese sash instead of a load bearing harness.

One project is almost done and now it’s time to start thinking about the next project. What will it be?

There are two projects I am thinking about doing. The first one combines video and local travel with making art. I am thinking it may have an experiential/performance element as well.

The second art project is a lot more sophisticated and would require a big commitment of time. I anticipate that the second project idea would be almost 100 percent experiential/performance based. I believe the second project would take a considerable amount of time to complete.  However, it would be a fun performance/exhibition for me and has the potential to be a high profile project.

One of my longtime friends says I have a lot of cool and creative ideas and she would like to see at least a few of them manifested into reality.

At this time I am planning on using art to fund the start up cost for my business which includes the New Media Mingle site. I think we can find not only inspiration but also precedence for this strategy in Japan’s history. After the Tokugawa period the new Meiji Government needed to bring Japan up to modern standards as quickly as possible.  At that time Japan used art to support their emerging industry and to gain recognition on the world stage.

As my projects come online I will be sharing them on YouTube.
Stay tuned to this station for further instructions.

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