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New media marketing mingled with traditional promotion

Developing a puppet for video presentations and engagement marketing – This is New Media Mingling With Traditional Media

Scarecrow Puppet Project From Concept to Creation.

My Scarecrow Puppet Project started with two events.

The first event was at work when I was chatting with a colleague about engagement marketing and lead generation.  Ever since I started doing this type of marketing I have wanted to use more props and a puppet. The first puppet I was thinking of for my current job was a tiki, but a friend did not think that would work so well.

The other event that defined the Scarecrow Project is after seeing a client I realized that I needed a new computer (brain) to maximize the effectiveness of my video projects. The first thing that popped into mind was the scarecrow singing if I only had a brain. That was a fairly strong visionscape that has driven the theme and direction of this entire project, promotional campaign, and possibly my business as well.

The scarecrow myth is a good little narrative that fits many of life’s struggles, goals, and dilemmas. 

Unfinished Scarecrow puppet without a nose. It does look like I had the final lower jaw on this version.
Unfinished Scarecrow puppet without a nose. It does look like I had the final lower jaw on this version.

While planning on how to use the puppet for a street performance I started researching American history. I started thinking about American history between the mid 1700s through the early 1900s. One thing led to another and I went from pioneers in the Ohio valley up to the 1939 Wizard of OZ movie.

What I was looking for was some Americanism that tied everything together. Well, you know what, I found it. Yep, I found a thread that connected several events right up to Lyman Frank Baum books.  If you guessed he is the author of the Wizard of OZ, you would be right.

The story I uncovered is a long journey of twists and turns.  I will tell more about the story in the future.

The Scarecrow Puppet Build
I started off planning to build a modified Japanese bunraku style puppet. Bunraku is a traditional Japanese style of puppetry that officially was started in 1805. Although it’s based on an older style of puppet performance called ningyō jōruri which is from the early 1600s. The  bunraku puppet is operated by three people wearing all black. The main puppeteer controls the right arm and the head, the second puppeteer controls the left arm and the third puppeteer controls the feet.

The bunraku puppet arms are controlled by a somewhat sophisticated rod mechanism. The head is made by a master craftsman and can feature several styles of special effects.

Another interesting aspect of bunraku that’s different from my style of presentation is that in bunraku the puppeteer does not speak. In bunraku there is a special narrator sitting to the side of the main performance. The narrator is also accompanied by a musician. I have been thinking about how I may incorporate this feature into my performances as well.

While I have kept some of the basic concepts, the final puppet turned out quite different than my original plans. My original plan was to make a traditional bunraku style body and rod mechanisms for the arms. The original head was going to use a combination of a traditionally placed head using the modular design that I am currently using.

However those plans have been modified many, many times since the initial impetus for the project. What I ended up doing is using a Halloween skeleton as the foundation for the Scarecrow character. This decision has had a huge influence on the project and how it has progressed.

Scarecrow Skeleton
Scarecrow Skeleton

One thing I have learned is that each design decision will have a far reaching effect on the overall project. If I was aware of how the project would be implemented, I would have done the build a lot different. Not only have I changed the design several times, but the scope of the project has changed as well.

Originally the project was going to be used only for a street performance to raise enough money to get a new computer and a few other necessities for going back into production with my “On The Road” Public assess show.  I also wanted to build a Long Beach directory to highlight some of the places I enjoy in long Beach.

Now I would also like to use it for other types of engagement marketing as well. Perhaps promoting Long beach businesses or special events. I have also thought about using the scarecrow on Hollywood Boulevard to encourage tourists to visit businesses that have a listing in my local directory.  I am always coming up with ideas, while they might not be very good ideas, they are idea. I could probably come up with better ideas – if I only had a brain. Do any of my readers have an idea or two to share?

Mission Creep
If the puppet project ever becomes popular there is now a chance this could turn into a brand/franchise on its own. The development of a YouTube channel has always been part of the plan, but its scope has now changed.

I always thought the YouTube channel would be secondary and the street performance would be the main focus. It would be great if the YouTube channel becomes the main focus of the Scarecrow Puppet project. But I still think face to face will be the best initial use of the puppet.

While the video below has a link to my ScarecrowShow website on the YouTube page I believe I am going to focus on building the LongBeachScarecrow dot com site and brand.

There have been many changes as to how the puppet will be manipulated and the type of performances we will do. This has had a big impact on the final design.

I originally planned on just adding some clothes to the skeleton and a few decorations. Then I started working on a bit more elaborate head. I did not want a flat face. So I did a bit of sculpting. I also wanted a movable lower jaw, which ended up being the most difficult part of the whole project. It is the lower jaw that sometimes makes me wish I had started with a different design. But it works great now, although it can be a bit temperamental and sometimes requires a fine grained touch. Additionally it needs to be adjusted more frequently than I would like.

One Of The Modified Versions Of The Original Lower Jaw. This Design Almost Worked With Every Modification. But It Never Worked The Way It Needed To.
One Of The Modified Versions Of The Original Lower Jaw. This Design Almost Worked With Every Modification. But It Never Worked The Way It Needed To.

I do have ideas for a complete redesign, and may do this in the future, if I need a second puppet. The new design would utilize all the lessons I learned while building the initial puppet. But for the time being, I plan on staying with the old design.

I have added a few pictures of the original build process. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but often I was in a rush to get as much done on my day off as possible.

You can learn a lot about planning and decision making by developing a puppet/costume and the corresponding production.

One thing I am running into over and over again is the decision to start with an interesting but not standard foundation for the puppet. This has given me several design problems at just about every point in the project. However, it has also taken me in a direction that would have been more difficult to see if I went with a more conventional design.

It seems that I constantly need to find a solution to some unusual and unplanned design issue. Need I say, these are unwelcome uses of my resourcefulness. So far it seems that it takes at least three times to find something that works. If you change one element of the design, don’t be surprised it you need to go back and modify one or more of your other design elements. A puppet can be a holistic system. Like many things in life,  you need to get the gestalt right for it to work properly.

We started by deconstructing and modifying the jacket.

Cutting Shoulder Pads Off Jacket With Swiss Army Knife
Cutting Shoulder Pads Off Jacket With Swiss Army Knife

Along with the padding we sewed the shoulder pads onto the foundation.

Sewing On The Shoulder Pads
At a Friend’s House Sewing On The Shoulder Pads

The head was too small so I added a much larger head. It looks like I did not get any pictures of this. The new head has had several major modifications from what we started with.

Scarecrow Puppet hand With Glove
Scarecrow Puppet hand With Glove

The fingers were enhanced with tape and then the gloves were modified and tied on.

I made the upper part of the face as a module that could be reused on additional platforms. Originally I was going to have this as both a puppet and a costume. This dual purpose was one of the biggest reasons I made the puppet with a modular design. I have since decided to not pursue the costume performance.

After cutting the jacket up we added some body padding to the foundation. I was originally planning on using more traditional material for this, but I decided to use what I had on hand. I created some padding from packing material that a mannequin came wrapped in.

Scarecrow Puppet Skeleton With Padding
Scarecrow Skeleton With body Padding and shoulder pads

I added a t shirt for extra padding. To hide the packing material, and to tie the look together. Everything required some type of modification, even the t shirt.

I originally made the sleeves so they could be manipulated somewhat like a bunraku puppet. However, I decided to use a different presentation style with the right side of the puppet and modified that sleeve by making the opening larger. I have kept the left sleeve true to the original design. The left arm is controlled by a simple rod and the performer can also grasp item by partially inserting their hand under the puppet’s hand in bunraku  fashion. I am not planning on using this feature of handling objects with the left hand much, but it is good to know I have that option. I think in most presentation the performer’s left hand will be used to manipulate supporting props and other characters. As of the time of this writing I am planning on making some modifications to the left arm rod so it will be more useful with the current presentation style. While it won’t have the wrist action of a bunraku puppet it will have  a wider range of animation and liveliness.

I added the straw to the sleeves and pants.

Straw For The Arms Close Up Of Tied Construction
Straw For The Arms – Close Up Of Tied Construction


Making The Straw For The Arms Tied To String
Making The Straw For The Arms Tied To String

There is a learning curve to the process of adding the straw trim. I started with hot glue. That is not the best solution. I found the best results from tying the raffia straw to  a cord and sewing this into the clothing.

Patches On Scarecrow's Pants
Patches On Scarecrow’s Pants

I added a few patches to the pants.

I made the shoes out of felt and hot glue. They are tied on, not much special, but they work. I plan on changing these in the near future. they are okay, but not at all what I now want for this character

Scarecrow Shoes
Scarecrow Shoes

Padding was added to the arms and legs.

Arms and legs. This photo also shows the longer neck mod.
Adding Padding To Arms and legs. This photo also shows the longer neck mod.

I had to rebuild the neck piece to increase the range of movement for the lower jaw. There are some internal parts that needed to be replaced as well, so it was a little more complex that it looks in the picture.

Just when I thought I had the working model finished, it seemed that I was faced with the need to totally redesign the structure of the head. The problem was that the lower jaw needed more room to move. Fortunately I was able to redesigned the jaw so I could use the original head design.

Instead of redesigning the head I totally redesigned the lower jaw

Working On Redesign Of Lower Jaw
Working On Redesign Of Lower Jaw

I made a body mount so I can more easily work with the puppet in a standing position.

Building Main Body Mount For The Puppet
Building Main Body Mount For The Puppet
Mod For Puppet Body Mount. I bought the upper piece which did not work. I made the lower part and it works much better
Mod For Puppet Body Mount. I bought the upper piece which did not work at all. I made the lower part and it works much better

To get the mouth to hold its shape I used wire and tape. However I needed to get the original shape before I added the more permanent under-structure. To get the burlap to stay in somewhat the shape I desired I used Modge Podge. The Modge Podge held the original shape until I could install a more permanent solution.

Getting The Mouth To Temporarily Hold Its Shape
Getting The Mouth To Temporarily Hold Its Shape

I do not have a picture of the final part that holds the scarecrow puppet’s lips in-place. As I remember I did this part in a hurry before work one morning. Permanently connecting this under-structure to the lips did slightly change the position of the lips, and that I am a bit unhappy with.

I also do not have pictures of making or installing the tongue. As with many of the parts, I first made paper patterns for the tongue before I cut into any of the material.

I thought a different color scheme would work better.
I have changed the under color of the puppet from green to orange because in the future I may want to use a green screen. The change was a good decision because I’ve decided to change some of the original color schemes.

The Scarecrow before I modified his under skin and before his first nose fell off.
The Scarecrow before I modified his under skin and before his first nose fell off.

There you have it, 6 months of work boiled down to one article. During this build it was my constant wish to take five continues days off work to concentrate on the puppet. My primary puppet lab/work area  is outside and it rained a lot during this puppet build. The rain was a constant source of frustration. However, now Mr. Scarecrow is operational and I have enjoyed producing a few test videos to get the hang of its operation.

There are still some changes I want to make in the costume and the operation.  In the future I will be adding an article about some of the other character I made that will act as supporting cast for the Scarecrow show.

And that’s the way it is.

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Digital media in 2017 will social media change this year?

What changes can digital marketers expect in 2017?

New media, new forms of social, and the evolving digital landscape.


  1. Dark social and 100 percent mobile apps will become more popular
  2. The rise of voice search
  3. Video will grow to a point where it begins to lose its effectiveness. To quote Gary Vaynerchuk “Marketers ruin everything.”
  4. The rise of social media sites created by youngs and super youngs.

Bonus question
Will people start to leave Facebook?
I did an article about how I plan to use social in 2017. Although this could change, and in fact it already has. I am working on a new article about alternatives to Facebook as I’m experimenting with a few of these social websites. I could simply give you a list and a little history about the different sites, but you can get that a lot of places online. I want to let you know if I find them useful and if I think they would be useful to others.

New Google Plus for everyone on January 24, 2017
In order to make time to explore new sites and crate more content I am going to need to change my workflow on my favorite Facebook alternative, Google Plus. I get a lot of engagement on Google Plus. It’s not uncommon for me to spend over 6 or even 8 hours a day interacting and growing my Google plus communities. I am certainly not complaining, I do enjoy my Google Plus friends. However, at this time I believe I need to make time to create more content and spend just a bit less time curating content. As I write more I have cut the number of hours I spend on the G+ platform.

For me community development has been a passion and a focus ever since the very early days of Google Plus. However, with G+ forcing everyone to the New Google Plus on January 24, 2017 I am reorganizing how I manage and respond to comments and other types of engagement on the platform. I am still committed to the platform, but I think the new UI will change my rather intense workflow.

I don’t think people will leave Facebook, but I do think many will start looking for better content and less noise.
There are some interesting news apps that are coming online to curate news. I believe these are in response to the fake news that was and to some extent still is prevalent on Facebook.

I have notice a decrease in engagement across my social accounts over the last several months. There seems to be an overall  trend of moving from social media sites to mobile platforms. While most social sites have mobile apps, I think some of the old social traffic is moving to mobile first/only platforms. I believe one trend we’ll see in 2017 is the rise of dark social. I imagine that dark social will be more difficult to track than other forms of media.

Prediction 1 is that dark social and mobile only apps will become more popular and social media websites will lose some of their user base.


Dark Social is one change digital social media we can look forward to in 2017
Dark Social is one change digital social media we can look forward to in 2017

Digital personal assistants
We will see an increased number of searches done on digital personal assistants.
With Google, Apple, and Amazon all pushing their personal assistants I think we’ll see an ever increasing rise in the use of these devices for getting answers to life’s questions. Digital assistants will provide opportunities for some websites and businesses. They will also create some unpleasant consequences for others. I don’t think any of us know exactly how voice search will affect our online footprint, but we have some really good guesses. For one thing I believe that it will become an even more competitive environment with only one winner per search. It may be helpful to linguistically seed search terms through branded promotions.
Prediction 2 The rise of voice search

Video will grow in popularity and may reach the saturation point. I believe that 100 percent video content plays/models will reach a point of diminishing returns within 3 years. This will mean that video will be looking for a sustainable business model in the coming years. This could be the year that we see peak-video. I hope I am wrong on this one.
Prediction 3 video will grow to a point where it begins to lose its effectiveness.

Mineral millennials
Businesses will continue to target the under 34 year old demographic and  discount older net citizens. Marketers will treat this group like rare and valuable minerals to be mined and the rest of humanity as the matrix rock that needs to be discarded. There is a trend to love those under 34 and  rather dislike people over that age. I think we will see several social startup created by very young people. I can see this making some sense when they target the younger demographic. But I think we will also see this trend of “youngs are hot olds are not” trying to promote products, services and websites to older adults as well. From what I can see almost all businesses prefer very young celebrities as the ideal archetype for message distribution. Doesn’t everyone believe in and trust the judgement of a 12 year old?
Prediction 4 the rise of social media sites created by youngs and super youngs.

If you would like a free 15 minute, old fashion phone chat to talk about marketing and/or video, just reach out and contact me.
As always I am wishing everyone the very best.
Andrew Ledford
My Google Plus

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Art In The Making – My Projects For Fun And Profit

Can Art And Marketing Be Best Friends?
I tend to be a little on the messy side and a picture of
Pablo Picasso I recently posted on Google Plus inspired me to take this picture. I was inspired by the messy sate of Pablo Picasso’s room. It gives me inspiration that my creativity has more valued than I think.

I do believe art can be an effective form of marketing. What do you think? Is it just spiritual inspiration or is art the engine that drives promotions?

Art For Promotional Art Art Projects Waiting to be Created and Assembled - Its Art In The Making
Art For Promotional Art Art Projects Waiting to be Created and Assembled – Its Art In The Making

I am getting close to having my most recent performance art project done. That project is running into some technical difficulties. I hope to work through the design issues as soon as I have a full day off when it’s not raining.

I think I am going to need an adult walker as a performance platform. So, if anyone in the Southern California area would like to donate a walker with wheels, brakes, and a seat, please get in touch with me. It also looks like I am going to need a load bearing harness or vest as well. After experimenting with a backpack I think I will use a traditional Japanese sash instead of a load bearing harness.

One project is almost done and now it’s time to start thinking about the next project. What will it be?

There are two projects I am thinking about doing. The first one combines video and local travel with making art. I am thinking it may have an experiential/performance element as well.

The second art project is a lot more sophisticated and would require a big commitment of time. I anticipate that the second project idea would be almost 100 percent experiential/performance based. I believe the second project would take a considerable amount of time to complete.  However, it would be a fun performance/exhibition for me and has the potential to be a high profile project.

One of my longtime friends says I have a lot of cool and creative ideas and she would like to see at least a few of them manifested into reality.

At this time I am planning on using art to fund the start up cost for my business which includes the New Media Mingle site. I think we can find not only inspiration but also precedence for this strategy in Japan’s history. After the Tokugawa period the new Meiji Government needed to bring Japan up to modern standards as quickly as possible.  At that time Japan used art to support their emerging industry and to gain recognition on the world stage.

As my projects come online I will be sharing them on YouTube.
Stay tuned to this station for further instructions.

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What are your marketing and promotional plans for 2017?

Business building, marketing, and promotional plans for 2017?
Along with a lot of other people I am preparing for a new year of promotional and entrepreneurial activities. 2017 looks like it will be the year I actually start the New Media Mingle business. The website has been up for a while, but I haven’t really started the business yet. I am still in the audience building and fundraising phase. I am happy to say that I now have an audience for at least one of my video shows. Now I just need to raise the funds to go back into production.

During 2016 I did get to conduct an experiment sending traffic from my social media to my website. One of the critical things I learned from this experiment is that I can already drive enough traffic that it will crash my site. The second and most important lesson learned is that without a revenue stream I cannot afford to host a site that receives all of my social traffic.

For 2017 I also have identified a funding strategy that I plan to implement once I get up and running. Although it will take quite a bit of effort and some time to put into place. I’m hoping the new income stream can start in six months or less. Although I am also aware that I suffer from optimization bias and there is  good chance it will take longer.  I have observed that optimization bias is a common problem of the self employed and entrepreneurs, However, without it, much would never get done.

My Special Project 2016-2017 will be an important marketing experiment for the New Year
Building my Special Project. My Special Project 2016-2017 will be an important marketing experiment for the New Year

It should be no surprise that I’m planning to use a somewhat unorthodox promotion strategy in the coming year. The plan is to stick with my commitment of organic traffic. I still have no plans to do paid advertising. This year Facebook has been further depreciated as a promotional platform. I do not plan on giving FaceBook much weight in my social strategy this year. I have already start posting less on Facebook than I have for most of 2016. However, I will probably start a page for the new project there as well.

I am thinking of doing things a little different than what everybody else is doing. If everyone is using best practices it seems that those with the most resources to implement standard tactics best will win. What I am looking for is a way where someone without financial resources can win against those with bigger budgets.

I am still on the organic traffic quest. Perhaps I am living in the past when content was king and could build traffic and sales. However, I think there is still a way to get organic traffic without spending a lot of money. To succeed at building organic visits may not cost dollars, but it will cost. There has always been a hefty price to pay for organic traffic in time and effort.

I do plan on developing an Instagram account this year. Yes, I know it seems like I am late to the party. But I have not had a need for Instagram until I get my new special project off the ground. The new project will be part of the new marketing mix I am planning to use next year.

12/25/2016 My Christmas Present From Google Plus 150,000,000 views
12/25/2016 My Christmas Present From Google Plus 150,000,000 views

I do plan on continuing to favor Google product in 2017. I still believe that Google plus is the last true great social networking site left standing. Although I enjoy Tumblr, Yahoo seems to be implementing changes to that site to make it less user friendly. I am planning to continue using Linkedin as well. I am also toying with the idea of repurposing some articles on the LinkedIn publishing platform. LinkedIn seems to require a lot of effort for a somewhat modest bit of traction.  I do think the quality of people on LinkedIn make it a worthwhile platform to invest in. LinkedIn may also become more valuable after Microsoft takes over the platform. It looks like these three social platforms will still be important parts of my social strategy for 2017.

I have not been active on YouTube for a while. I think 2017 will see my renewed interest in YouTube and perhaps other video platforms too. YouTube continues to be the big player in online video. Even though other platforms are eating into YouTube’s market share. YouTube is still holding its own and will be quite important for my plans over the next year. Short form video platforms may become useful with the development of my new special project as well. Once a well established revenue stream is developed I would like to start publishing video on another video platform in addition to YouTube.

In 2016 Twitter has been disappointing and I am probably going to discount it a bit in my general strategy. But, I think I will start a new account for the new project. Twitter still seems like a good way to let people know when I will be making a live appearance.

StumbleUpon is a useful platform I started using in 2016. I am not sure how traffic will convert from  StumbleUpon but it does drive a lot of page views to this site. I am surprised that it has proven to be a good source of steady traffic. I thought it would only bring traffic from post for a day or two. However, I find that it can provide a steady stream of traffic even for old posts. I plan on using this platform more in the coming year.

Content has always been a central focus of my online promotions. 15 years ago it was much more effective. At that time content was the promotion. Now it seems each piece of content needs its own promotion. I have quite a few articles written from last year that were never published. I didn’t want to publish an article here and there without an organized publishing schedule. I have started posting a few articles as subject categories that will be added to later in the year.

What I do plan on doing is focusing on my readers, friends, and fans. Different platforms will be used for the various functions of building the new brand.

I do think newer and more trendy platforms will play their part in my 2017 promotion plans. However, they will mostly be a place for user generated content created by fans and spectators. I guess you can think of this as my dark social strategy. It’s not easy to control or measure. However, it can be influenced.

The state of SEO.
I have not decided on a SEO strategy. Somedays I relish the challenge of getting on the first page of SERPs and other days I want to avoid the traditional battle to the first page. I am not sure if extremely good SERPs placement will help in what I am trying to accomplish. It is always a fun metric to refer people to when you have the first place listing, but I am not sure that will matter in the long run. I am thinking of not implementing any real SEO strategy and seeing if I can still get ranking. I will probably still write with SEO in mind, but I won’t actively try to manipulate positioning.

Special Project 2016-2017 In December I realized I need to do a Redesign to main part of the Special Project
Special Project 2016-2017 In December I realized I needed to do a Redesign to a main part of the Special Project

As the year progresses I plan on writing about all of these platforms. More importantly I hope to also tell why I am making some of the distribution and platform choices. Why choose older establish platforms over the newest shiny social thingy?

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Mr. New Media Mingle Prototype X1

Mr. New Media Mingle Prototype X1
This is the first version of my prototype. I still need to add the head and make some major modifications to the arms. So far I am not as happy with this prototype as I was hoping.

What do you think would be the best use of this?
Stay tuned for more pictures and to follow my progress.

New Media Mingle Prototype X1
New Media Mingle Prototype X1
New Media Mingle X1 from left side
New Media Mingle X1 from left side


New Media Mingle X1 from right side
New Media Mingle X1 from right side
Mr. New Media Mingle X1From a low angle
Mr. New Media Mingle X1From a low angle


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My New Media Marketing Focuses On My Follower’s Best Interest

My New Media Marketing Business Revolves Around My Follower’s Best Interest

I am transitioning from my old business to a new media marketing business. At the turn of the century I had a friend who suggested I change careers. He encouraged me to start offering online marketing instead of continuing with the business I dedicated most of my life to.

My New Media Marketing Business Website
My New Media Marketing Business Website

My friend’s suggestion was based on my ability to get quite good search engine ranking and a couple years later on my use of online forums and social media. Even back then it was not uncommon for me to spend three to eight hours a day doing online marketing.

I have been active online for more than 17 years. This activity has ranged from building websites to building engaged and robust communities, oh yes, and a lot of online promotion.

Analog Videographer Meets Bigfoot. On this video shoot, when I was quite young, we were in the middle of nowhere and a very large (like giant) transient with a shotgun started following me and my girlfriend through the desert. I called him bigfoot she called him the ax murderer.
Analog Videographer Meets Bigfoot. On this video shoot, when I was quite young, we were in the middle of nowhere and a very large (like giant) transient with a shotgun started following me and my girlfriend through the desert. I called him bigfoot she called him the ax murderer.

My involvement with video started long before I became interested in the internet and online marketing. In fact I would have to say the video I started with is not even classified as new media. It was the old tape and liner editing back then.

It has taken about 2 years for me to finally wind down my old business and fully commit to offering my services in the areas of marketing and video production.

The New Media Mingle Website Revolves Around My Follower’s Best Interest, Which Means I’m Not Just A Marketing Hired Gun

I am offering a new media approach to marketing, mingled with some old fashion promotion. This approach involves presenting a marketing message (the story) mingled with entertaining content. Yes, that’s right I am offering marketing as entertainment. My message is – Lets all move away from the old media model of interruption first advertising.

The inspiration for this post grew from a job offer to deceive Netizens
I think viewers, followers, and fans should be treated with respect and as friends and allies. Don’t you think it’s about time marketers move away for the model of treating followers and fans as an enemy that needs to be overcome with deception and trickery. Shifting customer orientation to a position of respect brings me to the genesis of this post.

The idea for this post was prompted by a business offer I recently received. This site has not been active for very long and it’s not yet ranking in search so I’m glad to get inquiries whether from online or offline.

The problem with the business offer is that it was to start with some rather nefarious online marketing. The questionable marketing practice was something, I in no way was interested in.

Unfortunately, I rejected the video project that went with it based on the ethics of that business. I am wondering if my desire to do what is best for my current and future followers is going to get in the way of getting new business.

I am based in southern California

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