New Google Plus 1-25-2017

First impressions of The New Google Plus on my most active account

The New Google Plus is still the best social networking site available, but now it requires more effort to use.

I have been using the New Google Plus interface on a separate account for several months. On that account it seems to work fine for me. However, I don’t post much on the new G+ account and I don’t get very much interaction.

When using it on a very active account the story is much different.I believe Google Pus is still a superior social site, but now it takes more work to use it.

The Good
First let’s talk about what I do like about the new User Interface. I think it is quite nice for scrolling through content others have shared. The new look should make it convenient for content discovery.

Ever since the introduction of collections I‘ve thought content discovery is one of the reasons more people would be using Google Plus. Collections contain curated content from individuals you more or less trust to post quality.

On the other hand, I have found groups on all social sites, if not highly moderated, full of so much useless information it’s hard to find anything that resembles quality content. Most unmoderated groups have an extremely high amount of noise and very little good content. At the moment I think following social accounts of individual’s is the way to discover useful content.

The Very Good

Update 1/30/2017
I really like the new spam filter for comments. It does catch most of the really bad spam.  I can’t monitor the profile 24/7 so it is nice to not worry so much about having my friends and followers exposed to the bad guys.
End of update

There is a new analytic in the New G+ that look nice. I have not had a chance to really dive into it yet. I did notice that the new stats might be at odds with the numbers from the vintage version of G+.  I do miss the total number of views. While that numbers may not have meant a whole lot, it was useful for correlating views to shares.

I plan on writing about the new analytic later in the week.

The Not So Good
The new UI is much slower to use. Selecting photos from posts is a little clunky. On my computer I can only go through photos forward – no back – and then I end up on a blank screen before I get back to the first photo.

Google Plus Photo Selection Blank Page
Google Plus Photo Selection Blank Page

There are now more steps to select the collection for a post.

You will need to click The See more if you curate a broad range of posts.

Google Plus Select Collection Menu
Google Plus Select Collection Menu

You will be taken to the menu with all of your collections and you can then select the one you want.

Google Plus All Collections Menu

I can’t have my screen big enough to easily read my notification, which means I need to read them at a size that is not as efficient .

Google Plus Preferred Screen Resolution
Google Plus Preferred Screen Resolution
Google+ Required Screen Resolution
Google+ Required Screen Resolution

The screen size does not seem like a big difference. But the bottom screen size make it harder to read notifications.

New Google Plus 1-25-2017
New Google Plus 1-25-2017

Conclusion – the new Google plus makes it harder to post and harder to respond to comments.
I am hoping a more streamlined posting system can be developed. Or they could support the old G+ alongside the new- maybe call it G+ desktop (good for desktops) or G+ easy (Easy to use) or G+ vintage Aged to a comfortable degree of convince.) Or just use what we’ve always called it Classic Google Plus

I believe Google Pus is still a superior social site, but now it takes more work to use it.

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