Special Project 2016-2017 In December I realized I need to do a Redesign to main part of the Special Project

What are your marketing and promotional plans for 2017?

Business building, marketing, and promotional plans for 2017?
Along with a lot of other people I am preparing for a new year of promotional and entrepreneurial activities. 2017 looks like it will be the year I actually start the New Media Mingle business. The website has been up for a while, but I haven’t really started the business yet. I am still in the audience building and fundraising phase. I am happy to say that I now have an audience for at least one of my video shows. Now I just need to raise the funds to go back into production.

During 2016 I did get to conduct an experiment sending traffic from my social media to my website. One of the critical things I learned from this experiment is that I can already drive enough traffic that it will crash my site. The second and most important lesson learned is that without a revenue stream I cannot afford to host a site that receives all of my social traffic.

For 2017 I also have identified a funding strategy that I plan to implement once I get up and running. Although it will take quite a bit of effort and some time to put into place. I’m hoping the new income stream can start in six months or less. Although I am also aware that I suffer from optimization bias and there is  good chance it will take longer.  I have observed that optimization bias is a common problem of the self employed and entrepreneurs, However, without it, much would never get done.

My Special Project 2016-2017 will be an important marketing experiment for the New Year
Building my Special Project. My Special Project 2016-2017 will be an important marketing experiment for the New Year

It should be no surprise that I’m planning to use a somewhat unorthodox promotion strategy in the coming year. The plan is to stick with my commitment of organic traffic. I still have no plans to do paid advertising. This year Facebook has been further depreciated as a promotional platform. I do not plan on giving FaceBook much weight in my social strategy this year. I have already start posting less on Facebook than I have for most of 2016. However, I will probably start a page for the new project there as well.

I am thinking of doing things a little different than what everybody else is doing. If everyone is using best practices it seems that those with the most resources to implement standard tactics best will win. What I am looking for is a way where someone without financial resources can win against those with bigger budgets.

I am still on the organic traffic quest. Perhaps I am living in the past when content was king and could build traffic and sales. However, I think there is still a way to get organic traffic without spending a lot of money. To succeed at building organic visits may not cost dollars, but it will cost. There has always been a hefty price to pay for organic traffic in time and effort.

I do plan on developing an Instagram account this year. Yes, I know it seems like I am late to the party. But I have not had a need for Instagram until I get my new special project off the ground. The new project will be part of the new marketing mix I am planning to use next year.

12/25/2016 My Christmas Present From Google Plus 150,000,000 views
12/25/2016 My Christmas Present From Google Plus 150,000,000 views

I do plan on continuing to favor Google product in 2017. I still believe that Google plus is the last true great social networking site left standing. Although I enjoy Tumblr, Yahoo seems to be implementing changes to that site to make it less user friendly. I am planning to continue using Linkedin as well. I am also toying with the idea of repurposing some articles on the LinkedIn publishing platform. LinkedIn seems to require a lot of effort for a somewhat modest bit of traction.  I do think the quality of people on LinkedIn make it a worthwhile platform to invest in. LinkedIn may also become more valuable after Microsoft takes over the platform. It looks like these three social platforms will still be important parts of my social strategy for 2017.

I have not been active on YouTube for a while. I think 2017 will see my renewed interest in YouTube and perhaps other video platforms too. YouTube continues to be the big player in online video. Even though other platforms are eating into YouTube’s market share. YouTube is still holding its own and will be quite important for my plans over the next year. Short form video platforms may become useful with the development of my new special project as well. Once a well established revenue stream is developed I would like to start publishing video on another video platform in addition to YouTube.

In 2016 Twitter has been disappointing and I am probably going to discount it a bit in my general strategy. But, I think I will start a new account for the new project. Twitter still seems like a good way to let people know when I will be making a live appearance.

StumbleUpon is a useful platform I started using in 2016. I am not sure how traffic will convert from  StumbleUpon but it does drive a lot of page views to this site. I am surprised that it has proven to be a good source of steady traffic. I thought it would only bring traffic from post for a day or two. However, I find that it can provide a steady stream of traffic even for old posts. I plan on using this platform more in the coming year.

Content has always been a central focus of my online promotions. 15 years ago it was much more effective. At that time content was the promotion. Now it seems each piece of content needs its own promotion. I have quite a few articles written from last year that were never published. I didn’t want to publish an article here and there without an organized publishing schedule. I have started posting a few articles as subject categories that will be added to later in the year.

What I do plan on doing is focusing on my readers, friends, and fans. Different platforms will be used for the various functions of building the new brand.

I do think newer and more trendy platforms will play their part in my 2017 promotion plans. However, they will mostly be a place for user generated content created by fans and spectators. I guess you can think of this as my dark social strategy. It’s not easy to control or measure. However, it can be influenced.

The state of SEO.
I have not decided on a SEO strategy. Somedays I relish the challenge of getting on the first page of SERPs and other days I want to avoid the traditional battle to the first page. I am not sure if extremely good SERPs placement will help in what I am trying to accomplish. It is always a fun metric to refer people to when you have the first place listing, but I am not sure that will matter in the long run. I am thinking of not implementing any real SEO strategy and seeing if I can still get ranking. I will probably still write with SEO in mind, but I won’t actively try to manipulate positioning.

Special Project 2016-2017 In December I realized I need to do a Redesign to main part of the Special Project
Special Project 2016-2017 In December I realized I needed to do a Redesign to a main part of the Special Project

As the year progresses I plan on writing about all of these platforms. More importantly I hope to also tell why I am making some of the distribution and platform choices. Why choose older establish platforms over the newest shiny social thingy?

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