Traditional Media in a New Media World

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Tried and True Old Fashion Media

Traditional Media can still be an important part of the marketing mix. Yes mingling traditional media with new media can improve return on investment and may even be necessary if you have a local business. This is true for both brick and mortar stores as well as home based businesses.

The trick in today’s marketing environment is to find the right balance between traditional and digital media while factoring in the all important human interaction. One task of modern marketing is to design hybrid journeys combining all three types of promotions – digital, traditional, and the human experience.

I like to think of all forms of media as forms of communication.
Traditional media is usually thought of as print, with a subcategory of direct mail, broadcast, and telephone. In this modern age I think broadcast and telephone is now in a mixed category, sometime it can be thought of as traditional and at other times it’s part of new or digital media.

Face to Face Marketing
While not necessarily a form of traditional media it’s probably the oldest forms of traditional marketing, yes, I am talking about meeting face to face. I happen to like this type of marketing and have used it to good effect in the past. In fact face to face marketing is sometimes necessary to get your media into the right hands. The foundation of my marketing programs usually comes down to building relationships with people.

The All Important Business Sign
One of the most important types of traditional media for a physical location is a good business sign. Signs are one of the oldest forms of communication and they’re still useful, even in this day of digital marketing. When I had a dog training kennel my sign was an extremely important part of my marketing mix. At one time just about every property on my street was a dog kennel, it was important to have a good sign so people could find my kennel among all the others.

Print Media

Community Newspapers vs Big Newspapers

While most large newspapers are losing readers on their paper editions, some small local papers are still going strong. A community newspaper can make a lot of sense if you’re in an area where the neighborhood has a strong sense of identity and fellowship. It’s even better if the community attracts tourists and out of town customers. Often theses local papers have significant meaning to your local clientele and out of towners as well.

Business Cards
Business cards are another form of traditional marketing that can be important for a business. While many people scan paper business cards into a digital format, that old fashion business card communicates the information you need to share for getting prospects into your sales funnel. Ideally the business card will get people to your website, to signup for your newsletter, or to visit your social media. Ideally it will get them to contact you to buy what you have to offer.

Dog Training Business Card
Dog Training Business Card

The Printed Brochure
The printed brochure is another useful type of traditional print communication. Brochures can be quite helpful for developing interest in your product or service. I always considered a brochure to be at least a bi-fold piece of marketing material. However, with the additional information websites proved we can now call just about any printed literature larger than a business card a brochure. Again, almost anything larger than the standard business card. I do still consider the bookmarker size a large business card, but I think a postcard can now work as a brochure. When I had my dog training business my website and brochures made an effective marketing combination.

Traditional Media the Business Brochure for Dog Training
Traditional Media the Business Brochure for Dog Training

Direct Mail
Before the internet I used to use some direct mail. Usually it consisted of a follow up letter after I made initial contact with a potential customer. Included in the letter was a brochure and often a special flyer as well. These always proved to be helpful for getting an appointment where I could meet face to face with a new client.

Telephone Marketing
I have used the telephone extensively. I think telemarketing works best when you are calling people with a solution or proposition the other person really wants. To be well received and most effective the telephone call and proposition should be somewhat unique. If you’re the tenth caller to ask about an SEO package or credit card processing don’t be surprised if you are met with more than a little resentment. If you don’t have a unique selling proposition you might want to try a different and unique approach to filling your sales funnel.

Broadcast usually refers to over the air Television and radio. I have never used either of these. Years ago I did run a television commercial on several cable shows. You really need to have the right budget for this kind of advertising. I think think the right broadcast promotion can still be effective. At one time I was looking into an infomercial spot. In the Los Angeles market there is a traditional broadcast station that has rebranded as an infomercial channel. I think this may offer some very good opportunities for local businesses with the right budget. It used to have very good reach in the Asian American community and could still prove valuable for the right products or service.

Traditional Media on The Scarecrow Business Marketing Show Click on the Video About To See The Scarecrow
Traditional Media on The Scarecrow Business Marketing Show Click on the Video About To See The Scarecrow

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