Scarecrow Business Marketing – Search Engine Optimization Episode 1

Scarecrow Business Marketing and Sales Show – SEO, Episode 1, intro

If you prefer reading to watching here is the text from the show.

Welcome to the scarecrow business marketing and sales show
I’m your host the scarecrow.

I’m a thinking about calling these here SEO shows Cornfield Friday. We don’t have any corn yet, but you know I like corn, and it kind of reminds me that mmM OZ SEO show.

Well, lets get on with the talking
You know me and the wizard, we like learning about SEO. SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization and focuses on growing visibility in organic search engine results. That organic SEO is a little like organic farming. Instead of paying for high priced advertising to fertilize our growth, organic SEO is all about getting non-paid search engine results. SEO involve both the artsy and creative side of things, but you also need the technical parts thrown in there too. In SEO you combining these two parts to improve rankings, drive traffic, and to increase awareness through those search engines.

SEO has a whole bunch of parts. Yep, there’s the words you use, that’s real important, and how your website is put together can make a powerful difference too. Even how other websites link up with your home on the web can impact your search engine rankings.

These days SEO is as whole lot about being right neighborly. It’s about making your site people friendly as much as it is about making it bot friendly.

Those Bots are the spiders that go out crawling through the web. Yep those bots sound kind of creepy like something from the Haunted Forest of OZ. Just like the evil trees in the Haunted Forest if those bots don’t like you they can crush your website and no one will ever see it again.

But its not really the bots that are dangerous, it’s really the ever changing algorithms. Those algorithms that control the bots are the things you need to worry about. Yep, those algorithms are sort of like the witch controlling the blue flying monkeys. Sometime it’s a good witch that wears the monkey controlling Golden Cap and sometimes it’s an evil witch. All that there algorithm magic is made up of some fancy mathematical equations. Yep, those algorithms use some highfalutin arithmetic to determine if folks see your website or if your websites gonna be buried under a bunch of tornado debris.

Stay tuned to the same Scarecrow channel, There’ll be more SEO learning in future.

and that’s the way it is.


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