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The Scarecrow Doing An Online Social Media Marketing Pitch

Welcome to the Scarecrow Business Marketing and sales show
By the Wizard (Andrew Ledford)

Online Social Media Marketing Pitch

The first and foremost objective of this project is executing an effective social campaign. Being successful with social media involves more than just posting to your targeted social sites every day. You can read some of the elements that go into cultivating a successful online community on this site and my personal website. Probably one of the most important elements is understanding your audience and then dedicating the time needed to build engagement.

My Google Plus Marketing and Social Media Collection is a good example of using a social networking site for education and promotion
My Google Plus Marketing and Social Media Collection is a good example of using a social networking site for education and promotion

I have seen some of the videos the company I was approaching has done. The owner seems to do well on camera. I do believe with the right platform this business could have a successful YouTube channel. The owner is a subject-matter expert and has an outgoing personality that should work well on camera.

From doing a quick look at this business’s website and social profile it looks like they may be targeting a demographic that overlaps with Pinterest users. While they have a Pinterest account they have not used it. I happen to also have a Pinterest board that would complement the company’s area of interest.

In addition, there are some minor social media sites sites that could be quite beneficial for this business. I would have mentioned these in the video, but I no longer do free social media strategies on the hope of getting the job.

From the quick audit I did, it looks like this business is local and primarily works in their local area. The local nature of the business is the reason I recommend mingling some face to face networking with the digital marketing.

You ask, why do face to face? Because I think it will provide a way to get some local links back to the site. Yes, I think offline marketing can help with online marketing efforts. These links are now very important for ranking in Google local (Google My Business = GMB) and maps.

I wanted to do something a little different to help with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) I thought using a tactic other online marketers aren’t using would create a competitive advantage. It’s also a tactic that would effective utilize some of my hidden skills and complement the owner’s personality. Google local and Google maps have changed how and who they rank, so getting the local links will be important, especially if there are other similar business in close proximity to this business. The rules involving the proximity to other like businesses has recently undergone drastic changes.

I also think a little community outreach would be beneficial for getting referrals and reviews on some of the important minor social sites. We could call this dim social. It’s not quite dark social, but it’s not mainstream or open either.

This is a very short post. I can assure you the video took much longer to produce than text for the post.

If you would like help with your local marketing, SEO, Social Media or video marketing  give me a call or contact us online.

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