• Social media – I have over 700,000 followers on social media, so I know what it takes to build an online community


  • Video – production, editing, and social online video management.




  • SEO Friendly Content Creation


  • Chinese English to American English Website Rewrites. Rewriting and branding Chinese owned websites into Native English. Is your English translated website a little hard to read? Do native English speakers find your grammar and word selection unusual and awkward? I can help rewrite your site and also provide native speaker relevance to your social media. I am primarily offering this service to local companies in the Southern California area.

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The first part of the twenty first century has seen marketing and advertising in a state of constant and continuous change. The changing nature of today’s marketing means businesses need to change how they promote themselves. Me and my team want to collaborate and work with you and your brand by helping you meet and manage the challenges and change faced in today’s marketing environments. By working together we can help our followers and readers discover the products and the experiences you have to offer. Together we can create authentic media to be thoughtfully mingled in with our social content. We provide culturally significant opportunities for your sponsored posts and multimedia content to be featured on our various forms of social media and on selected web properties.

Over the years I have developed a targeted over 35 audience that is highly engaged with my content online. Our audience is mainly interested in

  • Antique and vintage collectables / artifacts
  • Outdoors, camping, and travel
  • Cars and trucks
  • Pets and dogs
  • Homes, buildings, and real estate

I believe that each business and every brand has a unique story just waiting to be told. Most businesses, this likely includes yours, has a wonderful story to share. We’ll work with you to create a marketing package that best fits your goals.

We specializes in offering marketing packages in the following areas, but we’re always open to new suggestions and ideas.

  • First we do video
    The Video will to be featured on appropriate websites and promoted throughout our social channels.
  • Collaborative Sponsored content on social media platforms is another service we provide :
    The platforms we’re most active on include
    Google Plus, Pinterst, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and we also have an Email Newsletter
    When posts are appropriate we also post on YouTube, Linkein, and Bebee
  • We also do
    Featured articles on our websites.
  • In addition We offer
    Collaborations on local Community outreach

We can also do inhouse content development to produce the kinds of content needed for our collaborative promotions.

Contact me at 562-423-1691 or with the contact form on this site

I am Wishing you the very best.

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