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Our On The Road Antique Show

I have been planning on doing an On The Road Antique show for over a year. While these short videos are not complete shows they will provide some entertainment and insight until there is a sponsor or a local antique shop that would like to sponsor the show. I plan on doing the shows somewhat like a PBS antiques roadshow video.

There is some difference between the branded entertainment shows we will produce and the PBS antiques roadshow. The main difference is that the new shows will feature items antique dealers have for sale and there will be a host to help keep things moving along. Even though there are not many items brought in by the public, it will still provide PBS like educational information that is also entertaining. Combining entertainment and promotion is what makes branded content so powerful.

There are a few local antique malls who have shown some interest in highlighting their vendors. I have also chatted with a few of the antique dealers who rent space at the malls and they are in favor of the idea as well. So I know there is interest in the ides. If you own an antique shop is this a promotional project you would be interested in?

I always learn something new when talking with a knowledgeable antique dealer. Video would be the perfect way to bring the wealth of knowledge these folks have accumulated over the years to the net-citizens of the world. I think we could appeal not only to the local collector community but also attract a worldwide audience. The right kind of video content could expand a dealer’s online footprint and grow their clientele.

There are a few more of these short videos planned for the future. New videos will be done as I find more antiques and collectibles around the house.

If you are an antique dealer I can also help develop and/or refine a social media strategy for your antique business. Because every one of your antiques or collectibles has a history, video is the perfect way tell its story. Through video we can promote your antiques and collectibles not only by highlighting the physical aspects of the item or artifact but also tell about the backstory and provenance that adds to its value.

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