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Your own On The Road Antiques Show Video marketing for Collectables

Video marketing with my On The Road Antiques show. It’s the perfect place for antique and collectable dealers to market themselves and their business.

Get your own episode on my new conversational style docu-series On The Road Antiques show. When you become a guest expert on my show you will have the opportunity to tell the story of your unique products. Your segment or episode revolves around you and your knowledge of the collectables in your store or auction. Don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable and don’t know what to say on camera because I will be there to help prompt dialog and flesh out the story. Together we will tell your antique or collectable’s story. It’s usually much easier to talk with another person than it is talking to the camera. I will be right next to you asking the questions and helping you piece together the item’s story in a way that will be engaging and hopefully sell your merchandise too.

People love learning about antiques. Everyone hopes they have the next great find. Couple this love of learning and the fact that learning something new is one of the main reasons people spend time online and you have a winning combination for an online video series.

Antique Waffle Iron With High Iron Base, we should be doing a video on this collectable item soon.
Antique Waffle Iron With High Iron Base, we should be doing a video on this collectable item soon.

One of the big problems with most single location stores is there’s never enough time for the tasks at hand. Even with a quick phone video there is still editing that needs to be done. Not to mention developing an audience.

Promoting your collectable business with video and social media is more affordable by participating in our antique dealers’ network
By aggregating content we can build a bigger audience than any one store could on its own. Antique stores usually have fairly unique content that is not easily duplicated by their rivals. This makes it even more beneficial for several antique dealers to be connected in a marketing network that can leverage distribution through online video programming.

Vintage Shotgun Shell Box Video

Creating a video is only one part of the marketing puzzle. We help build your audience too.

It is often more difficult to get people to watch a video than it is to make the video. That’s why we actively engage in audience development and distribution optimization.
Developing an audience can be time consuming. I spend from 4 to 16 hours a day working on my social media communities. But it also takes consistency. I have been doing social media since the old Friendster site in 2002. When MySpace was popular I had a robust following on that site too. Now I like Google Plus and have been doing 4 to 16 hour days on social media since Google Plus introduced communities back in 2012. Through hard work and a little luck I have earned a fairly good sized following. Fortunately many of these folks are as interested in antiques and collectables as am I.

To get the most out of your antique show will require some effort on your part. You will need to prepare for the day of the shoot and follow-up with online inquiries. However, a lot of the time consuming aspects of video production will be done for you, as well as developing the audience.

Audience development and posting to social media.

I already spend a good deal of time online and I will be promoting our new antique show to my fans as well as working to develop new audience members. The shows will also be useful for your online marketing as well. You will be able to embed your episodes into your website and share them in your social media. Currently the primarily social sites I post to are YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, and FaceBook. When an article is appropriate for LinkedIn I will post there as well. These social platforms are where a good deal of my target demographics are found. Social is always changing and how it is used changes too. Because of this constant change I am always looking for what is new and more importantly what is popular for my follower demographic to use.

The other huge benefit of working with me is that my team and I will deal with the technical requirements of operating an online video presents. This includes encoding video for various video platforms, optimizing the YouTube channel, and running a video website. We may also do different edits or cuts of the video to optimize the show for a variety of video distribution platforms. Currently your episode will play on our YouTube channel.

Branded entertainment vs. advertising

I am a big fan of branded entertainment as opposed to advertising. When I was a child I loved Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. One of the hall marks of good branded entertainment is it needs to be entertaining enough that people will want to watch it. I want to make programming that is both interesting and economically viable. Your segment or episode is a form of branded entertainment. While you will attract many people who are simply interested in learning more about antiques and collectables there will also be people who want to buy. In addition, your appearance on the show will heighten your status as a recognized expert that could lead not only to more business but also more media coverage anywhere from traditional TV to bloggers.
Antique fighting knife from the Philippines video

Improve your search engine positioning by participation in our On The Road Antiques Show.
The increased visibility you receive by underwriting a show episode will also help increase your search engine visibility. Your appearance on the show will prompt viewers to mention you on social media as well as doing related keyword searches which should help with all types of search optimization, from mobile and local search optimization, to traditional organic search. The goal for many businesses is to rank higher on search engine results pages also known as SERPs (search engine results pages.) How participating on our shows will help you in SERPs is due to several fairly complex search algorithms, some of which this Whiteboard Friday video talks about.
Often we can find a hint or two about how these algorithms work by examining Google patents. While I am not an SEO expert I try to keep up with what is going on in that field. I’m most active sharing links to online marketing articles on my twitter account

At this time I am working mainly with antique and collectable dealers in the Southern California area. However, I would like to record a Documentary in Arizona so we could possibly work an On The Road Antiques Show into the schedule while in the state. While I primarily cover the Southwest I’m open to traveling if expenses are paid. For more information and to get a proposal please make your request on this page. We can also do program episodes around antique shows and collectable events.

I am wishing you the very best
Andrew Ledford

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