StumbleUpon is now one of my best sources of referral traffic

Case Study – Four Day Improvised And Off The Cuff Social Promotion

Case Study – Four day improvised and off the cuff social promotion for the Tim Russ Band
This was done sometime ago and I am just now getting around to publishing it. I wanted to document a very short and extemporise promotion I did for a friend on my different social media accounts. This started because I wanted build a private arts and entertainment group where my friends who are artist, musicians, and producers could support and promote each other.

I think that this kind of promotion can be improved with some pre-planning and coordinating our efforts across social. If I had a bit more time I would have thought about sending an email with a bit of information promoting the event.
I started posting on a Tuesday when I saw the post on Facebook.

Day 1
The Tuesday posts consisted of reposting on Facebook and then scheduling a post on Twitter using Hootsuite.
Facebook = 1 like
Twitter = 54 impressions and 3 engagements

Social sharing started when I saw thier post on Facebook
Social sharing started when I saw thier post on Facebook

I received a message from the band that they had a new event page. I thought this would be more friendly to sites that are somewhat anti Facebook, including a new experimental site I have started to use.
On Wednesday I began posting with more intention. I posted to my favorite social network Google Plus, and then to my other social accounts LinkedIn, Twitter, Mind, and Facebook. Mind is a new social network that at the beginning of this experiment I had only belonged to for about 3 days, at that time I only had 1 follower. I used some of my points on mind to “boost” or promote the post. I started with 13 views and then did another 50 promoted views. After the promoted posts I had 197 views. In the evening I did another 36 promoted views. I ended up with 295 views. Most of my posts on this site get around 12 views. This leads me to believe that the boosted/promoted posts get more views than what are paid for. I am still trying to learn how best to use the site. I think this site will become too spammy to use as it matures, unless they do something to control the people hurting the user experience by gaming the system and/or using it for trashy promotions.

On the second day I used better hashtags on my twitter post and received a beneficial retweet that hit the target market. This retweet earned a like from another band that does quite a bit of local marketing and I believe has developed something of a local fan base. I wish the band members would have reach out and connect with this band. In the future it could be beneficial for cross promotion. Some of the two band members have met at community events, so this would have been a great time to build up that relationship.

On Google I posted to my Art collection. Google Plus Post This is one of my least popular collections/groups. I also reposted it to a local Long Beach G+ community.
On LinkedIn I posted to a Long Beach group and a travel and tourism group that I belong to.
On day two I also posted to my Facebook fan page and then shared that post to my personal stream.

Day 2
Mind = 295 views out of these I paid for 99 boosted views
Twitter = 65 impressions and 6 engagements this included 1 retweet + 3 likes
Google = 4 plus1s on profile page & 1 plus1 in Long Beach community
LinkedIn = 0 interaction
Facebook = post was clicked on 5 times and there were 7 reactions, comments, or shares it reached 19 people.

Day 3
On Google Plus I did a new post in the Star Trek community
On Facebook I posted on my personal timeline and mentioned a friend who has a well developed follower base of Star Trek fans. He was out of town so this did not work as well as I was hoping. I also pinned the previous day’s post to the top of my fan page. In addition I did a post on StumbleUpon. I have not used StumbleUpon before, so I don’t have much experience on the platform. I was hoping to use StumbleUpon more for discovery, but it is a little too slow and clumsy for how I search for content. I opened the account hoping to develop a network on the platform, but I now don’t think I will use it much. Perhaps I will find a use for it as I get more experience on the platform. (Update – I am now getting fairly good results when I post to StumbleUpon 60+ page visits on a new post and some post earn a steady stream of traffic. I think at the time of publishing this post StumbleUpon has become the largest source of referral traffic for this site.)

StumbleUpon is now one of my best sources of referral traffic
StumbleUpon is now one of my best sources of referral traffic

I used 200 point from my mind account to promote the post on that platform.

Mind = 360 new views
Twitter = 36 views 1 engagement I do have to say it had a 6.9 percent engagement rate which is the highest engagement rate for the last 20 posts.
Google+ = 2 Plus1s on profile page 2 Plus1s in Star Trek community, 1 plus1 in Long Beach community
LinkedIn = 0 interaction
Facebook = 1 like, and 1 share on profile and 2 shares from fan page and 3 more engagements and 1 more post click. As of the second day the post reached 25 people.
StumbleUpon= 0

Day 4
The only promotion I did on this day was 200 promoted views on mind .com.

Mind = 532 new views and  2 up votes
Twitter = 16 new views, 0 new engagements and a 5.5 percent engagement rate which is still the highest engagement rate for the last 20 posts. But it is now getting closer to the engagement rate for an earlier post promoting the band. I have not been tracking the stats on the earlier post, but it looks like they have improved slightly.
Google+ = 1 Plus1 in Star Trek community
LinkedIn = 0 interaction
Facebook = The reach has expanded to 26 people on fan page
StumbleUpon= 0

For me Google Plus is best sources of quality website traffic
For me Google Plus is best sources of quality website traffic

I could have done more for this band if they would have provided more content. A post a day would have been nice. It would have also been great if we had official bios on all the band members. The band is built around a famous cast from the Star Trek series and that is why I was posting to Star Trek groups. But other band members have their own talents and personas that I think would be of interest to the indie music community. Here is the Tim Russ website for those of you who are interested

This was a good experiment and it was at the beginning of my use of two social platform I have not used before. StumbleUpon gets the thumbs up and I think it is a useful platform for social promotions. Minds, well that one seems to not be so good. I am still playing with it, but I have had no meaningful interaction on that platform so far.  On you can get a lot of views, but those views do not seem to be at all useful.

I did enjoy tracking the engagement from this very improvised bit of social media use. I plan on doing another one of these case studies with one of my own post. Having access to website traffic does give some important numbers that are missing from this four day experiment.

I have found that website visits are much higher than recorded/reported site statistic would indicate. I often get quite good site traffic from Google Plus even if I don’t get much engagement on the post itself. The same is true for StumbleUpon and to a less extent LinkedIn. When I was doing quite a bit of experimenting with social traffic I found the same was true of Facebook too.

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